Why Creativity Is A Secret Weapon In Sales

Creativity is a trait not often associated with sales professionals. Instead, the sales profession is commonly associated with routine activities such as cold calling and hitting increasingly challenging quarterly quotas. The most effective sales professionals avoid routinizing their approach to sales. They leverage their creativity to gain a leg up on competitors. The payoffs can…

BraintreeVoice: How Braintree Extend Takes The Headache Out Of Contextual Commerce

With “contextual commerce,” one of the latest buzz phrases of online commerce, consumers are able to seamlessly purchase in the context of where they discover products and services. When a Facebook user clicks to buy a product on the social network, or a Pinterest user does so on that platform originally conceived for sharing and…

10 Psychological Tricks to Boost Your Website’s Sales

Do you want to boost your company’s sales? Whether consumers choose to buy something or not is very often a matter of small psychological triggers. Your product might be great, but if your site isn’t set up for success, you will struggle. Before you overhaul your site or pay thousands of dollars for a consultant,…

Tutorial: what is sales enamblement? – Marie Warner

More than 70% of all US companies are investing in Sales Enablement this year, and over 50% have a dedicated Sales Enablement function. But what exactly is Sales Enablement, and how can firms with constrained resources – like fast-growing Small/Mid-size businesses or startups – benefit from this trend? www.linkedin.com/pulse/sales-enablement-rest-us-marie-warner

Think Tanks para empresas que quieran desarrollar su #BusinessModelCanvas

Los consultores de Comosevende hemos diseñado una nuevo programa de trabajo para directivos de empresas basadas en el método Canvas. Con ella ponemos a tu alcance un método de trabajo en equipo creativo, summativo y que permita al equipo directivo diseñar escenarios de valor de una forma muy eficiente. Es una herramienta muy útil para definir o redefinir un modelo de negocios, específicamente el modelo Canvas.

Manual. The #SPIN_Selling Fieldbook: Practical Tools, Methods, Exercises, and Resources

Sinopsis This is an excellent primer for the new sales consultant trying to sell complex, technology services which are mostly intangible. An excellent planning guide for each sales call in a lengthly sales process. This book has helped me understand how to plan to advance each sale by preparing questions that enable the customer to…

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