Embudo de Marketing, Embudo de Ventas y Customer Journey: 3 conceptos imprescindibles para hacer crecer tu negocio

Transformación digital, nueva era, tecnologías de última generación, Business Intelligence… vivimos una época de grandes cambios. Un momento apasionante en la historia que pocos tenemos la oportunidad de experimentar desde una óptica profesional y personal. En este cambio de era, enfocado cien por cien al crecimiento y a las ventas, compañías como Amazon, Google o…

Why More Companies Need To Focus On Holistic CX Rather Than Tactical CX

72% of firms indicate that improving customer experience (CX) is a top priority, according to a Forrester report. In a conversation with Fjuri CEO Thom Gruhler, Former CMO of Microsoft Windows, he indicated that a key challenge companies have developing superior CX is the way in which they think—and therefore manage—CX. Below is an interesting…

6 Steps Marketers Can Take Now To Develop Stronger CX

I recently talked with Fjuri CEO Thom Gruhler, former CMO of Microsoft Windows, about why companies need to focus on taking a holistic versus tactical approach when it comes to improving CX (see insights here). As a regular keynote speaker, Gruhler has also been quite vocal on the opportunities and challenges marketers face as they look…

Delivering Remarkable Experiences Is How You Win More Customers

Increasingly, great products aren’t enough to win new customers. As markets become more crowded, and consumers are exposed to countless stimuli vying for their attention, it is becoming more difficult for companies to cut through and stand out over the long term. But there is one strategy that continues to show promise in helping you…

Social media marketing is dead

Doug Mcisaac “Before you start gathering an angry mob and pillage the comment section, just hear me out. I love what social media provides” Social media marketing is at the heart of almost every marketing campaign today. Many businesses are moving the bulk of their marketing budget to social media. Which for many businesses is…

3D printing can radically change consumer habits and open the doors to a revolution in the retail sector

From my point of view at a time when retail needs to reinvent itself and adapt to the new consumer that is looking for experiences, 3D printing and virtual reality can be its best allies.

La impresión en 3D puede cambiar radicalmente los hábitos de consumo y abrir las puertas a una revolución en el sector retail

Desde mi punto de vista en un momento en el que el retail necesita reinventarse y adaptarse al nuevo consumidor que busca experiencias la impresión 3D y la realidad virtual pueden ser sus mejores aliados.

Estrategias para conseguir la lealtad de marca en las redes sociales

Post donde se ofrece una lista de comprobación para tus redes sociales de buenas prácticas para conseguir lealtad de marca

5 Claves para fidelizar tus clientes en Redes Sociales

las redes sociales pueden ayudar en el porceos de fidelización gracias al una buena estrategia de Brand Content y una análisi del Customer Journey Map

Servicio de Implantación de estrategias de Brand Content

La finalidad del Brand Content no es la venta en sí misma, sino el establecimiento de vínculos, la transmisión de valores, la generación de empatía. Tipo de objetivos que se ha perseguen.

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