Global Trade and Market Development

About us

Are you considering a strategic move into a European Country or Territory?

Thinking of creating a subsidiary or establishing a new company locally?

Would you like to develop business in new markets but don’t want to invest in a permanent sales force just yet?

Get a Sales Partner  can help reduce the risk and effort in a cost-effective manner during your market entry. Growing and expanding markets can be a complex, costly and risky business in any economic climate as many companies have found.

Permanent recruitment and establishing a local branch or subsidiary with the associated fixed costs without knowing when the revenue will justify the investment may not always be the ideal strategy. Local presence is usually required to develop the market and the customer relationships.  However the costs, logistics, required local knowledge and cultural differences can make expansion into any foreign country quite a challenge.

Get a sales Partner allows you the opportunity to limit the amount of dedicated resources (people, time and money) significantly as well as reducing the risks involved by taking the market development a step at a time. Here are some examples:

  • “Evaluate the risk” by conducting specific market research or a basic feasibility study
  • Use our experienced sales staff (inside or field) to conduct:
    • Initial lead generation
    • Basic marketing
    • Prospecting and business development
  • Develop a practical go-to-market strategy

When you have decided the investment is justified by the market opportunity, we hand over the operations to your company – at any stage of the process. Likewise, if we find the market does not justify the investment we will also tell you making it far easier and quicker to decide to postpone the move until the time, the market or your offering is right.

What do we offer to International Customers?

Get a Sales Pratner offering includes the following services:

  • Market research (desk and/or field based):
    • Customer needs & market analysis
    • Competitor analysis
    • Risk analysis
    • Advisable routes to market
  • Marketing:
    • Advertising/promotion
    • Lead generation
    • Localization of your literature, website, contracts and other key documents
    • Marketing communications
    • Local website and Web marketing services
  • Sales outsourcing:
    • Cold calling campaigns
    • Field sales / business development
  • Channel management:
    • Selection of most appropriate local partners and/or alliances
    • Partner program development and implementation
  • Recruitment & training:
    • Recruitment of key personnel
    • Training – PNL-based cold calling, consultative/solution selling, partner management

From a two-week high level feasibility study to a three-month or six-month market development or field sales campaign to determine market receptiveness for your solutions, we can assist you in your decision of how and when to expand your business.

We specialize in high value added products and services in the téxtil, turism, DIY, technology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, services, telecom and other markets.

What we offer to no Internationals Entrepreneurs interested in sell in Spain?

  • Rigorous selection process of Portfolio of Spanish companies validated and previously visited.
  • Matching of Products and/or services according to demand with our portfolio of Spanish entrepreneurs
  • Search for new suppliers provided previously valid for our portfolio of suppliers
  • Be intermediator between Spanish manufacturers and international suppliers
  • Guarantees WYSIWYG «what you see is what you get», what we offer is what you will receive (samples, qualities, prices, agreements, … etc.)
  • Offering new trends in European products and trends
  • Management of agendas to visit Spanish manufacturers or entrepreneurs of your interest
  • Logistics management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Responsibility, efficiency and trust
  • Our help to solve doubts or clarifications


What do we offer to Spanish Entrepreneurs interested in start export?

  • Technical meeting and contact
  • Validation and certification as a supplier of ARE
  • Feasibility study of your products or services in Target Market
  • Advice and accompaniment through entry strategies adapted to each country (Mideast, North Africa, Mexico)
  • Development of an agenda of meeting and/or networking for personal interviews with potential clients
  • Logistics management
  • Management of attendance at the fair and congresses
  • Advice on the Export Operations (incoterms)
  • Advice in the Negotiation
  • Advice on payment methods
  • Team of efficient people, experts and knowledgeable countries.