Adoption of Content Marketing: A global transformation affecting companies on all levels – Tips forMarketer

The scope of the change.
You can read further about the magnitude of this change in our article “The natural purchase: the change of paradigm revolving marketing and sales”.

A two-speed transformation.
Like other great transformations, the transition towards content marketing is happening in the most innovative markets first.

The United States is the market where this change is taking place at a faster pace. The content marketing concept is fully adopted and their priority now is to improve its practice.
Europe, Asia and Latin America are still in a previous phase. Marketing professionals are now starting to hear about content marketing and starting to show interest towards it.
A transversal change that affects all kinds of companies and organizations.
The content marketing revolution is affecting all kinds of companies and organizations, no matter the size, industry or age.

In next few articles we will present several case studies of some remarkable companies that have successfully adopted content marketing.
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