‘We don’t pay influencers on reach’: How Kellogg’s is combating influencer fraud – Digiday

Kellogg’s is no longer paying influencers solely based on their reach because it has no way of knowing whether that engagement is real or fake.

Fradulent yet common practices like bought engagement have left marketers at the advertiser suspicious of what they buy from influencers, Joseph Harper, social media lead at Kellogg’s in the U.K. and Ireland, said at the Digiday Brand Summit in Monaco this week.

Those suspicions have led to the advertiser digging deeper into how its agencies analyze audience data from influencers as well as taking more time to understand how posts perform even before it spends money with them, said Harper. That data includes tone of voice, content style and follower demographics, and it’s becoming more important to how Kellogg’s hires influencers.
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