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This week our Ask the Expert feature is an interview with Rhian Mason, Content Strategy Director at IPG Mediabrands. Rhian dives deep into the consequences created by the commoditisation of Influencer Marketing and shares her thoughts on how to get the industry to the next level. As she says «We are at a tipping point for consumers», so how do we engage with them in an authentic way? Here’s what Rhian had to say…

What do you believe is the biggest challenge facing the Influencer Marketing space at the moment?

With such fast adoption and growth in this sector over the past few years, we’re now starting to see the commoditisation of influencer marketing. The biggest challenge to overcome is to move from a mind-set of quantity over quality, towards authentic partnerships that drive long term value.

When Influencer marketing isn’t treated like a strategic communications channel or responsibly implemented, the results don’t always translate for brands, and I think we’re starting to see increasing dissolution and an erosion of trust from consumers.

However in light of this, it makes me and others in the industry even more passionate to prove the power of this channel and the opportunity of it to really deliver, when done right!
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