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It’s 2 p.m., and there is a momentary break in the light rain that has been persistent throughout the day. I’m overlooking the world’s busiest intersection–Shibuya crossing, Tokyo–where three million people cross the street hourly in a mad scramble to get from one side to the other. Below me, I see camera crews placed among the square, filming the chaos for their various outlets.

As the light changes, a man rushes out into the center of the street and does some impromptu acrobatics before the crowd envelops him. A quick scan, and I locate the inevitable camera filming him, too. No one seems bothered by his antics–perhaps because others have also stopped in the middle of the street, filming themselves at the famous landmark. When the light changes again, the acrobat runs out again, repeating his maneuver. He’ll continue doing this until he gets the perfect «candid» shot.

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