Mal of Amazon and its impacto on Modern Marketing

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Marketing is changing. In a time of data abundance, incredible technology, imaginative canvases, and serious cultural and social conflicts, marketers, suppliers and agencies face increasing complexity and competition. While the industry is ripe with different “thought leadership” conversations about “what’s next” offering simple magic solutions, the one consistent thing is that sooner or later someone will mention Amazon.

Since its incorporation in 1994 and via a close escape from being called “Cadabra”, Inc, the US-based retail giant, has grown to become the world’s largest internet retailer despite an explosion of competition. It is only the second company to exceed a market capitalisation of $1 trillion in intra-day trading. Indeed Amazon’s scale now seems to be its only threat.

As Amazon adds new categories and new businesses, it has rapidly become both the enemy at the gates and the new hope for doing business.

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