Unilever is pushing for long-term partnerships with influencers in fight against fraud | The Drum

Unilever is urging the industry to forge long-term “purposeful” relationships with influencers and monitor KPIs other than reach in order to tackle fraud in the sector.

The conglomerate’s executive vice president for global media, Luis Di Como, added strategic colour to chief executive Keith Weed’s promises made in Cannes this year: namely that Unilever will never buy followers or work with influencers that buy followers.

Di Como confirmed that Unilever will continue to ramp up its investment in influencer marketing space in line with the 65% of companies that plan to do the same over the next year. He noted that solving follower fraud would be critical to the success of that growth.

The EVP believes issues of fraud, dishonesty and malpractice in the influencer space can be partially mitigated by forging “authentic and long-term, purposeful relationships with influencers” and finding an affinity with the people behind the camera.

“I think we need to move on from this one-all transactional, commercial relationship with … creators or influencers,” he told an audience at Advertising Week New York. “We need to create really much more long-term partnerships with all of them.”
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