Google’s New Search Could Significantly Change Content Discovery

Search engines have historically been distant cousins to social media platforms. Both channels let people discover valuable content—just in different ways. Search was more transactional, asking users to come prepared with a keyword or a question. Social was more open, letting users wander until they found something they liked. But with Google’s latest announcement, they’re about to become a lot more like twins.

On September 24, Google unveiled plans for new search features. The centerpiece of the revamped search will be Google Discover, which offers users a customized content feed regardless of whether they type in a search query. It’s unclear if Discover will also draw on past searches, but people can pick topics that interest them to fill the feed. The recommendations won’t just be breaking news, either. According to Karen Corby, Google’s group product manager for search, the move will still serve up evergreen pieces of content that “aren’t new to the web, but are new to you.”
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