Facebook is learning how to boost online giving

In November 2017, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation joined forces with Facebook to conduct a unique psychological experiment. The nonprofit offered up to $2 million in matching contributions for people who donated to nonprofits through the social network on Giving Tuesday.

Then Facebook gave the whole thing a promotional nudge: The company shared the opportunity ahead of time through in-platform ads and its News Feed. It also coached charity page administrators on how to create their own fundraisers.

Naturally, Facebook also tracked the results, and in a recent report, they show that on that one day, 475,000 people donated $45 million to 46,000 organizations. More importantly, 75% of those who gave were first-time donors on the platform–and nearly 20% of those people gave again to either the same or another organization within a few months of the event.
— Leer en www.fastcompany.com/90236993/facebook-is-learning-how-to-boost-online-giving

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