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When planning your influencer campaign, remember that there are different types of influencers and compensation.

Payment can come in the form of a cash fee, or goods, services or cross-promotion. To reduce costs, you can work with lesser-known influencers rather than online celebrities.

Micro-influencers—those with 1,000 to 10,000 followers—are more likely to collaborate in exchange for products or promotion than major social stars who already have hundreds of thousands of followers and won’t rush to work on campaigns that don’t provide a fee.

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However, working with micro-influencers doesn’t mean micro results. The smaller names actually achieve dramatically higher engagement rates on their posts than actual celebrities and big-time influencers, averaging almost 11 percent engagement per post. In comparison, those with 50,000 followers or higher tend to get no more than 2.6 percent engagement on their updates.

This is in part due to perceptions of trust. Someone with only 3,000 followers is often deemed to be more trustworthy than someone with 30,000. Followers know influencers wth big followings are profiting from promotions and may not be giving genuine reviews. Another factor is relevance: A travel influencer who doesn’t have a key focus area will get a few likes and comments just for sharing appealing photos, but he or she isn’t necessarily meeting a need.

A travel influencer who specialises in a particular niche, such as backpacking with kids or foodie guides to Europe, will garner engagement from users looking for specific information and inspiration, who feel that their needs are being met. The more relevant your collaboration, the readier the new audience will be to engage with what’s on offer and the less it will feel like advertising.

Don’t shy away from micro-influencers with niche audiences when considering this kind of marketing campaign. Collaborating with someone who will promote you in exchange for a free product, or the promise that they will be promoted in a newsletter or on-site article, is cost-effective and can create a great return on a small investment.

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