Influencer Marketing And The Important Role Your Business Plays In It

11 septiembre, 2018 0 Por Davide Menini

In today’s tech-driven, virtually-connected world, a tremendous shift is happening in the way people perceive a brand’s message and make a purchase decision. They are no longer convinced by what a brand says about its products; instead, they form their own opinions through information they get from different online and offline platforms.

Although this consumer behavioral trend is on the rise, this doesn’t mean that traditional means of business growth such as word-of-mouth references, referrals and regular advertising have lost their efficacy. It’s just that today’s average consumer is able to sift through a tremendous volume of data at a fast rate.

Many entrepreneurs, executives and leaders rely on predictable environments and growing their career, business or organization traditionally. But in a constantly changing environment, it becomes more critical to develop career and business strategies that make sense and seize opportunities.

The time has come for every leader and entrepreneur who intends to succeed to take charge of their growth trajectory rather than merely relying on their traditional digital and social marketing strategies.

The Rise Of Influencer Marketing

Influencers have evolved into a small, specific, specialized niche of social media users. They have a significant social media presence and a decent follower base that may range from several hundred to several million. From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, blogging sites, Instagram, Snapchat and all other social media platforms, influencers are now everywhere, endorsing products, making recommendations and influencing people’s perceptions, behaviors and purchase decisions.
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