Listerine posts another indication of where influencer campaigns on Instagram are heading | The Drum

There’s been recent outcry over a collaboration between Johnson&Johnson and Instagram influencer Scarlett Dixon. A Listerine placement ad which seemed, in short, excessive.

The instagram post showed Scarlett sitting on a bed surrounded by heart shaped balloons and draped in a blanket. An abundance of strawberries and ‘pancakes’ (in actual fact they were tortilla wraps) were placed beside her – the Listerine in question was on the bedside table. The whole post was seen as a perfect example of how artificial the world of influencer marketing has become.

My opinion on the matter is relatively contrarian. On the one hand, I understand the anger and frustration from people who accuse Scarlett of selling something entirely unrealistic. The picture borders on parody with the abundance of balloons and the extravagant breakfast – all things which contrast the “normal” person’s day. It’s entirely understandable why someone would call Instagram a lie factory after seeing this post.

On the other hand, I’d argue that this was less an issue with this specific collaboration or even the influencer themself. But rather indicative of the overall direction that influencer campaigns on Instagram are heading.
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