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When it comes to influencer marketing, less is often more.

Having an influencer with millions of viewers showcase or mention your product or service might sound wonderful, but will your target audience even be watching?

Micro-influencers, with their smaller—but more devoted—follower numbers, command incredible engagement and trust from their niche audiences. Working with them allows brand managers to reach targeted groups that are related to their industry.

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Still unconvinced? SocialPubli dives into the data that prove you should be investing in micro-influencers rather than internet celebrities with enormous follower numbers in this infographic.

It includes:

Engagement rates on Instagram and Twitter decline as follower numbers increase.
Eighty-seven percent of global consumers say brands should “act with integrity at all times” and micro-influencers produce more authentic content that their niche audiences trust.
For the price it costs to work with a “mega-influencer” (those with more than 1 million followers), brand managers could afford working with more than 40 micro-influencers.
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