25 Tips for Getting Rich With Influencer Marketing

By the end of this year, roughly 30 percent of all internet users will use an ad blocker. Furthermore, nearly 70 percent of Generation Z, which is currently comprised of teens and young adults, take active measures to avoid ads.

These numbers are particularly notable considering that marketers have relied on online advertising for decades, and that Goldman Sachs recently released a report showing that Generation Z is the single most important generation for most businesses.

So if online advertising doesn’t work, what does? The answer, as you may have guessed, is influencer marketing. The marketers behind brands like Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola already know that influencer marketing is a critical strategy that must be employed if brands are to thrive in this new digital world.

Here is a collection of 25 strategies savvy marketers employ to ensure their influencer marketing campaigns are successful
— Leer en www.entrepreneur.com/article/318146

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