People are getting sick of ‘repetitive’ influencer posts and 49% want stricter rules on ads | The Drum

2 agosto, 2018 0 Por Davide Menini

Almost half (49%) of people would like to see ad regulators enforce stricter rules for sponsored influencer posts while a further 47% are ‘fatigued’ by repetitive influencer posts on platforms like Instagram, according to research.

The figures come from retail marketing firm Bazaarvoice, which commissioned Morar Research to ask 4,000 consumers across the UK, Germany and France about their attitudes to influencers.

As well as bemoaning a lack of transparency, 23% also said that amid advertiser pressure to scale up the frequency and reach of influencer content, quality is slipping.

Bazaarvoice’s findings come as regulators face mounting pressure to tighten the screw on influencer marketing.

In the UK alone, the subject of policing paid for influencer content has been under intense scrutiny, with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) launching its own review into whether commonly-used indicators like #spon, #ad and #sp are clear enough.

Guy Parker, the ASA’s chief executive has previously said that people shouldn’t “have to play the detective to work out if they’re being advertised to,” and last month the watchdog banned an Instagram ad from reality star Louise Thompson for failing to make it clear that an image was sponsored.

On top of repetitive posts and a lack of quality, 62% of those surveyed felt influencer content ‘takes advantage of impressionable audiences’. 55% said this was because aspirational posts were ‘too materialistic’ while 54% said influencers ‘misrepresented real life’.
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