How SMEs are Using Content Marketing to Grow their Business

It’s often said that “small business is the backbone of economy.” With some of the UK’s longest established companies struggling to understand exactly how consumers buy products digitally, small disruptive businesses have come to the forefront.

We saw this in the US a couple of years ago with companies like Dollar Shave Club bringing a new way of thinking to the men’s grooming space before their billion dollar Unilever acquisition, for example. In Europe, companies like Babbel and secret escapes are also seeing great success.

There’s one key differentiator behind their success—they come to us with two clear key performance indicators (KPIs):

Get the brand name out there for new audience
Drive new customer acquisition at scale
The reality is that startup marketing activity has to be measurable and provide a strong return. Facebook has been the common platform of choice, but in today’s landscape, diversifying your channels is the key to success.

With this in mind, we recently hosted an event in our London office with, and spoke with several leading small and medium enterprise (SMEs)  representatives about how they’re using content marketing to grow their businesses.

We hosted Jim Warren, Marketing Director at Bloom & Wild; Aamir Chishtie, Product Manager at Thread; Ellie Howard, VP Marketing at Heist Studios; Signa Sjønning, Head of Display and Paid Social at Secret Escapes; Andrew Harkness, Chief Operating Officer at MVF and Ian Wallis, Editorial Director at facilitated the event.

They’ve got some tips for marketers across the globe looking to capitalize on content marketing in order to hack their growth. Our top takeaways include tips on tracking content marketing campaigns, keeping your content on brand, and distributing content effectively.
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