The Silent Rise of the Female Driven Economy

Women represent the largest disruptive force in business  —  and the business world is unprepared. Currently we are the largest unserved market in business. Put very simply, most of the structures, design, technology and products we interact with are designed with male as the default: For example, designing a “personal assistant” AI with a female interface, i.e. — Alexa, Siri, Amy. The news we read is produced by male-dominated environments. Not to mention the innocuous daily toils of using products that were designed for men.

With the recent success of companies like The Honest Company and Thinx, we’re seeing a new rise of women-centred innovation: products and services designed for women by women, based on the pain points women experience in daily life. The investment ecosystem is unprepared to understand this opportunity, much less identify, invest in, and nurture this next generation of companies. The coming shift will have deep implications for the role women will play in the future of business, tech, and innovation.
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