This small fashion startup has big plans to save the planet

Aday is small startup with lofty ambitions to, say founders Meg He and Nina Faulhaber, design clothes that help save the planet.

“As entrepreneurs designing for the future, we have to think about what kind of world we want to live in,” Faulhaber tells me. “At our core, we believe that it needs to be the healthiest planet possible, and a sustainable future where we can all live in sync with nature.”

[Photo: courtesy Aday]
For Faulhaber and He, the clothing of the future created by the three-year-old brand is as billed: If you’re envisioning outfits from a sci-fi movie, you’re not wrong. Aday’s clothing is slick, urban, and made from cutting-edge technical fabrics.
Their best-selling Throw and Roll pants are made from moisture wicking fabric that sculpt the body and are so versatile that they have been worn both to run a marathon and meet heads of state. Their blouses fall like silk but resist wrinkles and are machine washable. Sweaters are thermo-regulating, so you never feel too hot or too cold.

The tech behind Aday’s clothes also comes with a mission: reducing the environmental toll that our obsession with the latest designer dud takes
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