How to grow your influence

#MarketingProbz (17)

Today, everyone wants to be an influencer. But, have you ever stopped to really unpack what that word, or ‘title,’ even means? When I open up my social media feed today I see self-proclaimed influencers everywhere spamming the lot of us. Running to push out a message, brand, or product before they even stop to think about what it is they’re truly asking me to give them, and what it is they actually want from me beyond this one interaction.

When approaching the challenge of how to grow our influence, most of us are blinded by this word we hear all too often, ‘influencer.’ We forget to stop and think about what being an ‘influencer’ actually means? A person who has influence in the lives of others. And you don’t have to become the next Kylie Jenner to get there. We all have the power to be influential.

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