A How-to Guide for Influencer Marketing on Instagram [Infographic] | Social Media Today

Instagram now has more than a billion active users, while Instagram Stories is up to 400 million daily actives, making it the fastest growing social platform, with a growing amount of influence. But the visual and creative focus of the platform can make it difficult to tap into for non-users – what do you post to your Instagram profiles? How do you create engaging Instagram Stories? How can you make your posts stand out in the increasingly busy Insta-feed?

One approach many brands have found particularly effective on Instagram is influencer marketing. By utilizing the creative nous and platform-specific skills of high-profile users, brands can expand their messaging through more resonant content, and can tap into niche communities via partnerships with trusted voices.

No doubt you understand the basic idea of influencer marketing, but this infographic from Growr aims to provide more of a step-by-step summary of the key elements of the process, in order to help you better plan out your
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