How To Use Influencer Marketing For Small Businesses

For every $1 dollar spent on influencer marketing, businesses end up making about $10 which means it is an extremely profitable way to drive sales to your business, or simply create awareness. Social media is one of the most popular ways to discover new products or services, whether they are local or international. Enter influencer marketing. Your customers likely have people they follow and trust on the various social networks. Whether they like the type of content they post or the way they style themselves, there’s something desirable about influencers that help them generate a massive following. When you’re starting out, influencers can help elevate your brand’s social media following to higher levels in a short period of time.
Influencer Marketing Examples:
MentorBox uses influencers to grow their sales using the hashtag #mentorbox, you’ll find influencers who share their affiliate link with their fanbase. Influencers also use the hashtag #ad to clarify that they receive compensation for the post. In almost any industry, influencer marketing is effective because it allows customers to see what the product or service is like. Influencers, like Tai Lopez for MentorBox, have loyal followers who are curious as to what said influencer does to improve their lives. Since influencers typically lead enviable lives, fans may be more likely to purchase a product that they see an influencer using so that they can possibly become more like the influencer. Influencer marketing acts as a social proof to help drive the sale.
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