One Thing That Starbucks Is Doing Wrong — The Motley Fool

Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) has struggled with same-store sales growth in the United States. That’s part of the reason the chain has decided to close about 150 stores in its home country, and it’s why the coffee company’s CEO has laid out a plan for growth.

«We must move faster to address the more rapidly changing preferences and needs of our customers,» he said. «Over the past year, we have taken several actions to streamline the company, positioning us to increase our innovation agility as an organization and enhance focus on our core value drivers which serve as the foundation to reaccelerate growth and create long-term shareholder value.»

That sounds nice, and Johnson has solid plans for improving the in-store experience for regular customers. What he has not done is address a major flaw in the Starbucks presentation when it comes to acquiring new customers.
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