11 Essential Elements That Can Make or Break Your Brand

Last week I was sitting around a circle with a group of other women entrepreneurs. We had been asked to share what the biggest challenge has been in building our businesses.

One woman raised her hand and shared that her friends couldn’t seem to take her business seriously.

A round of head nods passed around the circle. It seemed we’d all been on the receiving end of commentary of that sort.

Why is it that despite their best efforts, many new business owners find that they’re being met with doubt and aren’t being seen as a “real business”?

From what I’ve experienced, the distinction comes down to the fundamental building blocks that are put in place during the birth of an idea. They’re the not-so-sexy steps that come ahead of choosing a name, creating a logo, and building out a website. To reference an admittedly overused analogy, think of those things as the tip of the iceberg. It’s what everyone sees. Yet, the bulk of your brand, the thing that keeps it afloat is hidden beneath the surface.

I wanted to put together this post to shed light on those essential elements that generally lie hidden but ultimately can make or break your brand. These are the things that set you up for long-term success, differentiate your business from everyone else’s, allow you to cultivate a community and give a greater purpose to your work. If you look across the board and the brands that really stand out, create a buzz, and ultimately find success, you can find each of these essential elements in place.


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