How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Modern Marketing

Key Takeaways
What? AI is changing workplace collaboration and promoting more diverse thinking.

So what? With increased capabilities, teams can collaborate remotely and efficiently using AI-assisted technology.

Now what? In balance with the productivity and connectivity AI offers, marketers must also make time to turn off and live their personal lives as well. Download the guide «Impactful marketing: How teamwork helps marketers excel at everyday projects» to learn more.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way the world does business, and marketers are at the forefront of this innovation and growth. Not only will AI help them work more efficiently, but it also will help them adapt to changes in the workplace, including the rise of remote workers and an increasing need for more diverse thinking.

Lori Wright, general manager of Office 365 Marketing, has dedicated her career to modern workplace collaboration. She is passionate about creating a culture of purpose, transparency and balance on her own team – living out the mission of the teamwork-focused products she oversees at Microsoft.

We caught up with Wright to discuss how AI is changing workplace collaboration and promoting more diverse thinking. She also shared her advice for other marketing leaders looking to create a culture of purpose and balance in our technology-driven world.
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