Being seen as a ‘marketing influencer’ doesn’t make you a good marketer

You may have seen that Klout – the influence-scoring app that analysed your presence online and gave you a score about how influential you are – closed down last month.

Klout may be gone, but the social media obsession with lists of influential marketers is growing daily.

Why is this? It’s not too hard to work out: if you create some content claiming to show the top 10 influencers in almost any realm, you’re going to get traffic from that list to your site. Our natural vanity kicks in, and we all start sharing with lots of comments about how proud we are to be selected as a ‘top influencer in the widget industry for 2018’.

Software vendors and bloggers use such lists to drive quality traffic to their site. The aforementioned ‘top influencer’ gets kudos and a form of social proof. The vendor or blogger gets PR and even new customers. Quite a virtuous circle for all concerned. People listed on the lists reward the list-makers – resulting in even more lists.
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