We all go through our own version of an identity crisis at least once in our life. We ask ourselves, “Should I be a doctor, teacher, entrepreneur or CEO of some global company?” We all want to know where we fit into the world, and where we can make our best contribution.

For example, I discovered I was an organizational anthropologist after struggling for a few decades. I took course after course and program after program, looking for what was right for me. Ultimately, I had to invent a unique identity that fit me. That set me free to focus on doing it rather than worrying about it (and I love what I do).

I study the intersection of leadership, culture and brand — and I help leaders describe, deconstruct, and transform their organizations, leading to higher performance.
— Leer en www.vistage.com/research-center/personal-development/leadership-competencies/20170810-why-your-culture-needs-conversational-intelligence/


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