Facebook introduces video monetization tools to lure creators away from YouTube | VentureBeat

acebook launched a matchmaking system Tuesday to cultivate partnerships between advertisers and video creators as the world’s largest social media company tries to quickly parallel the variety of commercial opportunities offered by its video rival YouTube.

Some advertisers have tested the Brand Collabs Manager, which identifies video makers that may be good fits for product placement or endorsement deals.

Facebook also said it was allowing more content creators to run ad breaks in longer videos, and offer subscriptions for $4.99 a month to fans. Subscribers receive perks, such as exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Facebook is not keeping a cut of partnerships or subscriptions during testing, and it is uncertain about eventual fees, company Vice President Fidji Simo told Reuters in an interview last week.

The company has long been wary of polluting newer experiences, such as video, with ads and paid options. But it has deployed the moneymaking features in recent months after a year in which many videomakers saw their YouTube earnings clipped.
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