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In our strategy practice, we have worked with over 50 Vistage members. We have observed that client acquisition tactics and marketing investment vary greatly, from sector to sector and from one business to the next. Marketing spend is like a box of chocolates.

2018 marks a tipping point, as powerful market dynamics are changing how companies deploy their sales and marketing investments. As companies finalize their 2018 budgetary cycles, recent studies from the American Marketing Association, Deloitte and Duke (CMO Study), as well as from Forrester, provide useful context.

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While B2C (business-to-consumer) businesses (especially product based companies) spend freely on marketing, B2B companies often undervest. However, given the efficiency offered by digital assets such as web and SEO (search engine optimization), the tide is turning. Even B2B service companies are expected to spend 11% more on marketing than they did in 2017.
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