Shark VS Dolphins. Ways of doing business

As usual, and following our objectives, we will talk about animals.

This week, I met a possible partner from an important German company from pur sector, we loved their philosophy and I think they loved ours.

The win win theory looks discarded, I even read a book (I think it was “at first say no” from Jim Camp) that said the the followers of this theory were absolutely fool, so as it was impossible for two partners to win, when one wins, the other loses. The writer said that if you step into a negotiation with your mind opened to a win-win, at the end you will be the one getting the loss.This is the main memtality right now, in fact there is an expresion : to be a business shark… I suppose that short term and preassure on aims and P&L at the end of the year have a lot to do on this.

As we are looking for capital, I dont like people to invest in our project just because good numbers on excel, note that paper can show whatever…also, and taling into account that we can do it, we will only accept a partner that understands Xaraleira’s values, in our company, they are important and not only to show off.

We are dolphins, in the big meaning of the word, we bother about our providers business, yes, we bother. And we bother about our clients business, even tough we know a lot of times that we are near a monopoly. Even if it looks like a lie, in long term this brings rewards, providers may help in a hurry and clients are loyal, even sometimes they hear Mermaid songsª-vilaboy-bellas

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