Key Metrics to Measuring the Effectiveness of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is growing in its popularity and recognized as an effective marketing strategy to target a specific demographic and increase customer acquisition.

A survey conducted in November of 2017 by the Association of National Advertisers revealed 75% of agencies currently leverage influencers in their overall marketing strategy, and 43% of respondents indicate they would like to increase their influencer budget in 2018. The influencer marketing industry is expected to grow into a $10 billion market over the next couple of years.

Creating an influencer-driven campaign is more complex than selecting a social media personality and creating content, other aspects must be considered. There is no lack of brands competing for consumer attention, and no budget too large for marketing purposes. To achieve your goals and increase your ROI, it is essential to tie your influencer campaign to tangible performance metrics, to properly assess the impact of your investment.

Depending on the goal of the campaign, the metrics will vary. Keeping track of key measurements will help analyze current campaign, modify as needed to optimize future campaigns, and ultimately derive the most effective and cost-efficient results.
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