Online Returns: In New Poll, Shoppers Say They Hardly Ever Make Them. Um, What? : NPR

When you follow retail, there are a few things you hear about a lot, and one of them is returns, because processing them costs stores a lot of money.

«Well over 10 to 11 percent of goods get returned,» says Larisa Summers. «In some categories 20 to 30 percent of goods get returned.»

Summers knows what this looks like from the inside. She’s an executive at a company called Optoro, which is built around returns: It helps retailers re-purpose or resell all kinds of things that people send back.

«E-commerce has a much higher return rate than traditional brick-and-mortar stores do,» Summers says. By Optoro’s estimates, shoppers returned $385 billion worth of inventory last year alone.

But according to a new NPR/Marist poll, 91 percent of American online shoppers said they «only rarely» or «never» return things they buy online. And even more — 94 percent — said they «only rarely» or «never» make an order expecting to return at least part of it.
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