Facebook fundraising just got even better

Facebook wants to make it even easier for people, companies, celebrities, dogs, celebrity dogs, etc. to raise money on its platform. Today, it announced a host of new features to help make fundraisers more effective and accessible.

First, people can now invite friends (or rather Facebook “friends”) to manage a fundraiser together, which will make it both easier to organize and can help expand the fundraiser’s reach and find new supporters.

In less administrative news, nonprofit fundraisers can now be set up on Pages run by verified brands and public figures, for instance artists Tegan and Sara recently launched a Page fundraiser to help send 100 kids to LGBTQ summer camp in the U.S. and Canada through the Tegan and Sara Foundation LGBTQ Camp Scholarship and in collaboration with the Ally Coalition. Good cause, easy access through Facebook.

Golden State Warrior Steph Curry celebrated his 30th birthday by raising over $82,000 on Facebook for Nothing But Nets, a charity named for a basketball catchphrase but one that is actually about helping combat childhood malaria around the world.
— Leer en www.fastcompany.com/40581286/facebook-fundraising-just-got-even-better

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