Create Compelling + Engaging Content with Influencers – Chief Marketer

by Karen Koslow
Influencer marketing has grown up. While once considered a low scale, somewhat risky endeavor with hard-to-measure results, it has since become a legitimate and productive marketing channel for brands. In fact, according to an April 2017 study from ANA and PQ Media, total brand spending on influencer marketing is projected to reach $101 billion by 2020.

As businesses are increasing their influencer marketing budgets, it’s vital to ensure they’re getting the quality product and, ultimately, ROI they expect. Many influencer platforms give a brand or agency access to lists of people that meet a specific set of criteria: follower count, demographics, keyword prominence and more. If all a brand is looking for is simple distribution of their brand message, that may be enough—but it’s not ‘influencer’ marketing. Influencer marketing, when done well, is about storytelling by respected sources, and that requires more than sending product to 50 social influencers and asking them to post pre-packaged messages with a campaign hashtag on social media platforms.

True influencers are creative, passionate experts in their subject areas, with highly engaged followers. Having them tell your brand story in an authentic and credible way is much more powerful than simply pushing out your campaign communications. Effectively working with influencers is a relationship that requires work on both ends. Whether that relationship is managed by an in-house marketing team or an external agency, there are five key tenets that can help to ensure quality sponsored brand content is developed that tells your brand’s story and delivers its message in an engaging and even inspiring manner.
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