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By Dominique Vidalon

PARIS (Reuters) – French retailer Carrefour , which opened its first high-tech store in Shanghai last month in partnership with tech giant Tencent <0700.HK>, sees China as the ideal location to develop new methods for attracting shoppers.

More such stores were on the cards in China, including two in Shenzhen in the coming months, Thierry Garnier, Carrefour Executive Director for Asia, told Reuters.

Europe’s largest retailer was «very positive» on the market in China, where with the help of Tencent it plans to use facial recognition technology to help make the check-out process quicker.

«We consider the Chinese market as a true laboratory that can inspire the rest of the group,» Garnier said in a telephone interview.

The company launched the «Carrefour Le Marche» store in the center of Shanghai on May 20, featuring functions such as cashierless checkouts supported by Tencent’s popular social media app WeChat.

«We are going to open two more «Carrefour Le Marche» stores in the coming months in Shenzhen. We are convinced this is a growth format for the future in China,» Garnier said.

The store, spread over two floors totaling 4,335 square meters — only half the size of a regular Carrefour hypermarket — is the fruit of a partnership sealed in January 2018 when Carrefour unveiled global
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