Mobile commerce

How shoppers shop

We know that mobile shopping and app commerce is on the rise but how exactly are shoppers shopping? According to Namogoo 44% of shoppers use mobile as their method of choice for shopping on the go. With millennials and Gen Z poised to make up roughly 70% of the global population by 2028, this means 70% of consumers will be digitally fluent and the growth in app commerce can be expected to grow.

Making shopping omnichannel is the key to survival

According to Criteo, despite omnichannel shoppers currently representing 7% of all consumers, they account for 27% of all sales. Crucially, apps should be used in conjunction with other channels to capitalise on this. Multichannel shoppers spend 23% more than shoppers using one device to spend and things like paymentsshould be synonymous across all channels to make shopping experiences consistent and frictionless.

Omnichannel spending power can’t be ignored, so parity across channels is essential. Particularly, as users spend a considerable portion of their time on social media and they expect all apps to reflect the functionalities they’ve become accustomed to. Recently, there has been a move away from consuming content through newsfeeds and a preference for ‘Stories’ format. The creation and consumption of Stories on social media has grown 842% since 2016. With this in mind, we created shoppable App Stories experience on our platform, so retailers can connect with their customers in a familiar and engaging way and ultimately encourage sales.

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