RiverbedVoice: Three Reasons Why A Software-Defined WAN Accelerates Business Agility

The most visible side of a business is the customer facing side. Today, that typically means the application or system that customers interact with, putting a spotlight on performance demands and end-user expectations. Those expectations are growing much faster than the networks that connect them, which is a glaring challenge to achieving business agility. Software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology meets this challenge and supports and accelerates business agility by enabling IT to be much more adaptable, flexible and efficient. SD-WAN solutions, such as Riverbed SteelConnect, is comprised of software that offers centralized control over the network. Along with this control is complete visibility into network resources and automation of many tasks, including maintenance, upgrades, configuration changes and more. SD-WAN technology also delivers ‘one touch’ provisioning, making the configuration and deployment of a remote business site extremely fast and simple.
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