Benefit of Storytelling

Here’s the problem. A lot of the digital marketing I see goes something like this:

“Suffering from [pain point]? Wish you could [benefit] and [benefit] instead?

Join/Download/Discover/CTA this [PDF/webinar/course] to enjoy [desirable outcome that sounds dramatic or cheeky].”

It’s familiar because it’s a popular strategy; it’s popular because it works (I know, I know). I’m sure you’ve heard the advice to “identify the pain points,” “emphasize benefits, not features” and “have a clear call to action.” These are all good ideas!


This kind of content isn’t memorable. It may resonate with prospects in the moment, but it won’t make a lasting impression. It’s… ordinary.

Do you want to know what content IS memorable and is sure to leave a lasting impression? Infuse your marketing with the art of storytelling.

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