Mobile Marketing

The Importance of AMP

AMP stands for «Accelerated Mobile Pages», which are an open source platform for mobile web pages, as they differ from traditional web pages. According to LSEO, because AMPs load faster, and «do not factor into Google’s search algorithm, their speed has a definitive influence over your webpage’s ranking.» A normal web page takes up to 10 seconds to load, where an AMP takes no more than 1 second, making conversion and engagement rates on the AMP much higher than on normal pages. This is important for businesses wishing to engage people quickly without loads content. As this space grows, it is increasingly important for marketers to understand how AMPs work, especially on the Google side, as their algorithms are always changing and a business will be more efficient if they are up to date on AMPs. A one-second delay on a web page can lower conversion rates 7-10%, so if your strategy is to get the most people engaged with the least amount of content, mobile-y, then AMP is the right path for you

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