This New Platform Takes An Instagram-Chic Approach To Crowdfunding

And you wouldn’t be wrong: Lily Kanter, founder of Boon Supply and previously, the eponymous home décor platform Serena & Lily, certainly expects newlyweds to flock to the site. Probably college kids looking to perfectly coordinate their new dorms, too.
But to Kanter, the Williams-Sonoma-esque vibe of Boon Supply is just a means to a greater end. From every purchase on the site, 50% of the proceeds will go toward a cause of the buyer’s choosing. That works in a couple of ways: For one, if you are running a marathon for a particular cause, you can link your personal fundraising page with Boon Supply, and instead of asking people to just send you money, you can request that people purchase through the website and collect your donations that way. Or if you are in need of a new salad strainer or beach bag and want to accomplish an ethical goal in buying one, you can select a cause on the site when you go to check out.
“Why does fundraising have to be hideous?” Kanter says. “Why can’t it be products we actually like and enjoy?” Half of the wares on Boon Supply fall into the category Kanter calls “on the go”: water bottles, bags, patterned phone chargers. The other half mainly comprises kitchen items.

While many platforms that exist connect fundraising with some kind of incentive for the donor–many projects on Kickstarter, for instance, offer gifts that scale in accordance with how much you donate–there was nothing that merged viable merchandising with crowdfunding, Kanter says.
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