White Paper: Transformation and Reconstruction of Banks in the Digital Era

The proliferation of mobile devices and Information Technology (IT) has changed corporate landscapes and business models, as customers seek electronic, virtual, and mobile experiences.

The banking industry, in this context, is challenged in two major ways. First, “Anytime, Anywhere” presumes that customers know what they need, and banks’ are thriving from their tailor-made services targeted at customers’ new behaviors and expectations. Second, new entrants in the finance industry are disaggregating the traditional banking value chain, impacting banks’ assets, liabilities, and intermediary businesses.

In this digital era, banks need digitization and the support of information technology to transform channels, products/services, and the ways they serve customers. New strategies include omni-channel, full-dimensional platform, and smart banks. Agile IT capability is the foundation of digitization. Therefore, banks need to build flexible, accurate, innovative, communicative, and secure information technology, and to improve their cloud computing, Big Data technology, and channels
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