Social media marketing is dead

Doug Mcisaac «Before you start gathering an angry mob and pillage the comment section, just hear me out. I love what social media provides»

Social media marketing is at the heart of almost every marketing campaign today. Many businesses are moving the bulk of their marketing budget to social media. Which for many businesses is smart. But far too many are starting in the wrong spot.

You need to start by asking yourself some questions:

«Is my client using that client that/those sites?»

«Is this the right site / method to sell my product/service?»

«What else am I doing to generate business?» Because a social media site can make a change that destroys your business if all of your business comes from one method.

It would be very sacrilegious of me to not recognize the value of social media. I’m really not THAT old…

Social media and the online world are fantastic tools. And that’s exactly what they are

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