Cindy Gallop: ‘Forget passion – find things you want to punch’

In a passionate speech, delivered to Creative Equals’ Future Leaders conference in London yesterday, Gallop urged women in the creative industries to build their own financial ecosystem «because the white male-dominated one is not working for us».

Holding a copy of The Sunday Times Rich List, she urged the audience, which was primarily made up of women to make it on to the list.

Describing the current state of the advertising ecosystem as «collaborative competition» where essentially every agency is competing to do exactly the same thing, she described its future as being rooted in collaboration. «Imagine the female founded holding company of the future. All it takes is one or two of you to be the next Martina Sorrell and make it onto the list,» she said.

In a wide-ranging talk, Gallop said that sexual harassment was the single biggest issue holding women back in their careers and driving a continued drain of talent from the industry. She urged women to come forward and call out bad behaviour, saying: «It isn’t until we name names that we can have the context we need to have the discussion about how the industry will change.»
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