What You Should Know Before Your Business Associates With E-Sports Influencers | Inc.com

Why brands should be looking at e-sports influencers as ambassadors.
Right now, around 1.2 billion are people playing video games worldwide, so there is a significant addressable market that is only growing, but how to reach that market continues to be a question for most brands. The e-sports audience is looking for authentic experiences; they are sensitive to being over-marketed to or approached with what they perceive as cheap tactics.

«By partnering with e-sports influencers, brands are leveraging the trust these athletes have already built with their individual communities,» says Temkin. «With vehicles such as tournaments, live streams and giveaways and more, the e-sports environment provides a direct marketing platform that can speak to a live audience of 100K people at one time, so it’s important to be authentic in that approach.»
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