Follow The Gaming Industry In The Influencer Marketing Revolution

In my opinion, nowhere is influencer marketing more influential than in the gaming industry. Whether it be Activision using professional athletes in commercials to promote their newest game in the Call of Duty series, In-N-Out Burger sponsoring professional teams of the Overwatch League that play in front of hundreds of thousands of live viewers, or individual streamers like Ninja who promotes the products he uses to his millions of followers.
Influencer marketing is ubiquitous in the gaming industry and marketers need to take serious notice. I’ve worked on projects such as one that led to 30,000 beta signups in 24 hours from one YouTube video pitching a service on a channel that had 40,000 subscribers. That was only one of three videos produced for that project, and the entire project cost was $1,500. If you do the math on that, the cost per acquisition is astounding.
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