Education European Teleport; European Project IV Frame Work Program

Education European Teleport projet had as principal objective develop a teleport capable to link different E-learning Europeans site and coordinate them as an European Training Hub. Are teams was in charge of the local development of the project European Educational Teleport (EETP) (IV FP Program) based on creation and development of a continuous Training on-line-System (EAO) in the enterprise itself (via Internet), within a European Enterprise Consortium, basically integrated by Telecom Italy, Telecom Portugal, RAI, Helsinki Telephone Company (HPY), Dublin University, Open University of Lisbon, Bank Training Institute of Lisbon (IFB) supported by European Funds inside the IV Frame Program and the Telematic Application Programs of the DG XIII
Development training products and material to realize a demonstration during Elearninig Fairs in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland and Ireland

STACCIS (Support for Telematics Application Cooperation with the commonwealth of the independents states)

Present the main results of the activities of a network of 20 organisations throughout Europe that had share a common model for distance learning, and European catalogue of distance learning courses and services, such as a customisable Virtual Campus (EETP), five transnational courses ready for the European market.

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